Sharing Families

Sharing Families are families who would like their children to:

  • Discover the ability to share with and support the members of their community in need
  • Start seeing themselves as active participants in the creation of inclusive communities
  • Begin to manage material goods in a responsible way

What can you share?

Clothes, shoes, toys, books, sports equipment and small electronic devices.

Family for Family Program Steps

Step 1 Fill out the contact form on our website.

Step 2 A Family for Family representative will contact you and set up a meeting.

Step 3 During this meeting, you will receive information about Family for Family and be able to sign up to become a Sharing Family.

Step 4 When Family for Family matches your family with a Receiving Family, you will receive notification and guidelines for donating hand-me-downs.

Step 5 You can give a sigh of relief, knowing you will be able to look through your children’s things and find a good home for the ones they no longer need or use. Just collect them and pack them into a bag or box.

Step 6 Call Family for Family and set a pick up time.

Step 7 Family for Family will come, collect your package, and deliver it directly to your Receiving Family. Remember, you can make a donation whenever and as often as you like!

Step 8 After each delivery, your Family for Family representative will contact you to share your Receiving Family’s reaction for the package and pass on greetings or thank you notes (letter, drawing, child’s photo) from your Receiving Family.