Our Mission

The mission of Family for Family is to improve the prospects of less-affluent children by reducing the gap in material resources between them and their peers.

The Program

Gaps in material goods (clothes, electronics, etc.) among less-affluent children can negatively impact their socialization and development. More affluent families often have excess resources that could be easily shared with less-affluent children helping them look and feel better and increase their self-confidence.

Family for Family matches children from affluent families with children from less-affluent families and makes the transfer of excess resources cost free, efficient and targeted. The shared resources primarily focus on good quality hand-me-down clothing, but occasionally include other unused items such as toys, books or small electronic devices.

How Family for Family works:

  • A Sharing Family is matched with a Receiving Family who has children a few years younger.
  • Once the Sharing Family decides what they no longer need or use, Family for Family picks up the items and delivers them to the Receiving Family.
  • Family for Family provides the Sharing Family with updates regarding the Receiving Family.
  • Sharing Families can arrange a pick up whenever and as often as they like.

Our Families

Receiving Families are families in need of material support who are actively working to improve their situation.

Sharing Families are families who want to help those less fortunate and also teach their children that sharing is a source of joy and a responsibility.

Why Family for Family?

Services provided by Family for Family are an innovative form of community activism and social work. Our approach is unique in the way we connect families, facilitate targeted giving and create a space to restore community bonds. There are four main characteristics which differentiate Family for Family from similar charity organizations active on the NFP landscape in Poland:

  1. The connection between Sharing and Receiving Families is the core foundation of our work. Our staff helps build understanding between the children from both families so the giving is as meaningful as the receiving.
  2. Making a donation with Family for Family is quick, easy and cost-free. Sharing Families decide what to give and Family for Family takes care of all the delivery details.
  3. We facilitate targeted giving. Our staff makes sure that each family who enrolls in our program is carefully matched. We take into consideration the sizes and ages but we also look at each child’s interests and activities. Our commitment ensures that both families benefit from a long-term match.
  4. We give parents an opportunity to teach their children social responsibility and the joy that comes from giving at early age.


The Brian D. Patterson USA-International Foundation is committed to creating a group of foundations in Poland that will help level the playing field for children facing adversity. Our approach to creating and running not-for-profit foundations is unique. We recognize that the children we serve have complex lives with many different challenges and we endeavor to address this complexity by ensuring that each foundation created has a narrow mission focused on a specific challenge. This targeted philanthropy makes us effective and also enables us to measure our impact more accurately. Currently, we operate five foundations in Poland: White Star Foundation, Katalyst Engineering, Katalyst Education, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Poland and Family for Family.

The mission of White Star Foundation is to be a leader of social entrepreneurism, primarily in Poland, with a heavy emphasis on leveling the playing field for children facing adversity.

The mission of Katalyst Engineering is to capture the imagination of elementary school children and build interest in engineering by providing a fully-supported, collaborative and innovative hands-on engineering curriculum designed just for them.

The mission of Katalyst Education is, based on the principles of Open Education Resources, to facilitate a level playing field for all students in Poland by developing digital education tools and providing services to enable their optimal use.

The mission of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Poland is to help children facing adversity reach their potential through professionally supported one-to-one mentoring relationships that change their lives for the better.


Family for Family was officially registered on September 29, 2014. The foundation is fully funded and requires no additional funding from its stakeholders or the community.